Overheard On the BJC Concourse

The concourse of the BJC is always bustling during THON weekend. With so many people going to so many different places you’re bound to stumble upon a few funny quotes.

So without further ado, here are the best that we “overheard” walking around the BJC concourse:

Grumpy Tutu Girl: “I swear to god if I don’t get a pretzel in the next 10 seconds, I’m going to throw a freaking tantrum.”

Impatient Water Bottle Filler:  “Dude If this line doesn’t move soon I’m gonna go fill my bottle in the bathroom.”

Clueless Girl:  “Wait… so like do they keep all the money on campus somewhere?”

Student:  “You gonna do the canvas quiz?”

Bad Student:  “Nah.”

Unhappy Wet Guy: “I swear to god if that kid behind us sprays me one more time with his water gun I’m gonna flip out.”

FTK Girl:  “Yeah I 100 percent bombed my two tests this week, I was too busy setting things up this week to study. I might be too FTK.”

Exhausted Guy:  “Dude I’ve been here since 5 a.m. on Saturday. I’m so tired I’m starting to hallucinate a little I think.”

Cheesesteak Guy: “My feet hurt, I can’t feel my legs, and my vision is blurry. All I know is that I need a freaking cheesesteak right now.”

Wide Awake Girl: “Yeah I packed smelling salts in my fanny pack so I don’t get tired.”

Cardio Couple, Him:  “How many laps have we walked?”

Her: “I stopped counting after 7.”

Restless Girl: “I’ve been here for 16 hours straight already. How am I gonna make it 11 more!!”

Not FTK Frat Guy: “Dude I don’t even care anymore. If those dudes keep getting closer when we get back to our section I’m gonna swing at one of them.”

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